RA–Aluminium sine tjenester er nå videreført i Sørskår Mekaniske Verksted AS, og dette har styrket våre tjenester og kapasitet betydelig.
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Fish Farming

RA Aluminium has supplied walkways, platforms and stairways to land-based facilities. Aluminium is light, reliable and corrosion resistant, making it a perfect fit for the industry. We specialise in the design and construction of fish farm access facilities.

Work platforms for fish farms

RA Aluminium tailors work platforms, walkways, stairs and handrails to fish farms. This means that we can easily adapt the length and size to the customer’s needs and wishes.

At our workshop in Stavanger we produce customized solutions and aluminium is our craft.

Fish farming at Talgje

In 2022, RA Aluminium delivered a new work platform with stairs and walkways to Ryfylke Rensefisk’s facility at Talje. One of the challenges was to place a 20-tonne work platform in a narrow hall. The solution to this was that we delivered several aluminium elements that were assembled in the hall. We have previously delivered a complete set of walkways, stairs and railings to Ryfylke Rensefisk’s fish roe shrimp farm at Talgje, Finnøy.


Sebastian Pantke

Director Business Development

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